Here we offer a plain-English version of our privacy policy. Here is the full text version.

We use three types of data: mobile location data, consumer behavioral data, and data derived from our public webpage (this site). On our webpage, we use Google Analytics to collect information about where visitors come from, if they're new, how long they stay on our site, etc. This helps us with SEO and website design.

Our two other datasets are keyed by advertising IDs (AAID or IDFA). We don't use data for users that have indicated they want to limit ad tracking through their phone's OS. These IDs are resetable, and we don't try to link current IDs to past, out-of-date IDs. Our location data comes from publisher partners and is opt-in. Our publisher partners reflect their intent to monetize data in their privacy policies.

We don't use personally identifiable information, such as names or addresses. We don't collect data for users outside of the US; this includes mobile location events that occured outside the US, or behavioral data for non-US residents.

California residents have additional rights afforded to them, and should consult this section.

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Updated January 1, 2020